Precision Platforms

Over many years of shooting, our pursuit of accuracy has led us on a journey of discovery. Not only about ballistics and equipment, but about how our body interfaces with our equipment, and the effect that it has down range. This journey evolved into a team of shooters collaborating with various experts in the field to bring you top quality and functional products.
The company was officially formed in December 2014, by a group of then serving NZ Army soldiers. Each being keen hunters and recreational shooters at varying skill levels, but with equal passion to pursue excellence and further the sport of shooting.
Being end users ourselves, we have been able to take our own experience from our military backgrounds and civilian activities, along with the vast amount of advice from other leaders in the field of long range shooting, and put that into the design planning process. 
With the end result being quality, functional hardware that we believe attains a balance of stability, mobility and ergonomics to provide you, the shooter, with a better experience.