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Stability, Mobility, Ergonomics

The paragon interface for applied marksmanship

High strength, light weight and optimum comfort.
A practical all-around stock design for the modern outdoorsman.  Developed by Clive Judd, proudly handcrafted in New Zealand.

The Relentless Pursuit

My journey started many years ago following a rifle stock breakage in the field and the use of various popular after-market composite stocks.  Having worked in numerous trades for many years including military service, I’ve become acutely aware of the reality surrounding limited design efforts and short cuts in manufacturing which compromise mission success.


Although the adoption of plastics and composites have become widespread within the firearms industry, along with new stock designs, there is often a minimalist approach taken.  It’s my belief that the limited factory dimensions are not orientated towards producing an optimal stock but instead, cater to ageing trends and act to reduce fabrication costs, whilst their design premise falls well short of field requirements. 

Following long periods of research and development, spanning a number of field-tested prototypes, I’ve developed what I consider to be an optimum form, a practical all-around design which is adaptive to a range of shooting disciplines and body size’ – the ultimate rifle stock for the modern outdoorsman.

Core Design Elements


  • Minimal drop at heel provides straight recoiling characteristics for rapid shot recovery.
  • The shallow toe line provides fine rear bag adjustment for long range shooting.
  • An adaptable grip with mild palm swell, enables precise trigger control for a variety of hand sizes, and is well matched to the various firing positions that can be adopted on the hunt or in competition.
  • The forward sloping comb moves away from your face reducing felt recoil and axial deviation off the line of bore, which improves shot to shot consistency.
  • Generous forend girth, ideal for offhand or prone shooting, promoting optimum form. Its extended length eliminates interference when shooting over a bipod or pack.
  • Side mounted flush cups as both an optimal carry aid and to limit gun rotation under recoil when shooting with sling.
  • Length of pull can be adjusted via the use of spacers
  • Optimized for field use

Beyond Style


My flagship stock is engineered to deliver precision fire in all terrain, and is especially suited to long range shooting where weight reduction is of major concern.  Whilst it could be described as being of a classic varmint style, such a description is over simplified as the stock has several major features which depart from tradition, creating a class of its own.


The stocks long grip which took seemingly forever to perfect, is essential to accommodate both small and very large adult hands; its angle is optimum for various firing positions and its symmetrical design is gently contoured. These aspects and proximity to the trigger produce an intuitive, fast handling and repetitive position; one need not worry about getting used to its form.

The forend is long and wide but again, following a long period of field testing and development, it was possible to make the stock dimensions somewhat minimal while providing a cross section that promotes positive forend control for a range of hand sizes. This gives the rifle an unexpectedly trim feel (e.g. when carrying) in comparison to traditional varmint or tactical style rifle stocks.

The overall dimensions of the stock provide an adaptive platform for the field, whilst its specific geometry aids optimum form; these two factors combined represent a paragon interface for applied marksmanship, maximizing accuracy potential.

Generational Value


Pressure tested materials and processes are the keystones to my manufacturing techniques, bringing unparalleled value and performance.


The stocks carbon fibre shell is a rigid one-piece design, whilst the action area is a proprietary composite matrix boasting exceptional toughness and strength, which provides a stout platform for accuracy and bedding work.

This unfortunately is a subject that few end users are aware of, while there has been a trend towards carbon fiber as a superior stock material, many companies choose to use weak fills in order to achieve ultra-light specs that can lead to failure in stock integrity and rifle accuracy. Although my stocks are very light, I will not compromise features to appease whims.

When you invest in a stock from me, you have an asset that can be cherished for generations.  Designing my flagship model was a process of doing the right thing, not the easy thing.  The rifle is a tool, and like all tools it needs a good handle; a platform for precision, that will transform your rifle into a highly functional extension of yourself for a lifetime of use.

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